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Kitchen Photo Project

I was very pleased with our kitchen remodel project. We used Amy Willis Interiors to help with the design and we used Kingwood Construction (George Hacking) to help with the actual remodel work. Between Amy's design work and George's wood creations and work, the kitchen turned out marvelously. Oh, and I did a nice job on the actual implementation of the backsplash. :-)

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My name is Tony. I'm not thrilled about web design work, to be honest. So, I used this template from Andreas Viklund. He's better than me anyway. I'm kind of lazy, so that works for me.

Not much to say

Content is always the real hard part. I never know what to put up on this website. We aren't real good at figuring out what people want to see and hear about...so mostly we do like we do when we buy picture frames...we leave the stock photo people in them because they are pretty photogenic anyway. Same with webpages, don't be suprised to see lorem ipsum dolor sit amet throughout the site....LOL

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